HARRY BRADLEY ‘Dublin 2017’

« It is no surprise to me that this debut recording from my friend Claude Morice displays an eclectic range of influences and has an audible and distinctive vibrancy and dynamism : Claude is a man who is passionate about all sorts of music and has enjoyed travelling widely to meet diverse musicians. »

« He has explored various musical environnments including, i am glad to say, our own country of Ireland. His personal enthusiasm, humour and zest is a tonic in a music scene that all too often defers to music industry cynism and predictable marketing jingoism. »

« I’m delighted to recommend this CD to you and once again extend the hand of friendship from Ireland to Brittany in the common spirit between our countries that Claude has captured so well on these recordings : that of a mutual regard for the musical expressions of our resilient peoples, of friendship, and of a passion for human freedom. »


« Une musique belle et légère comme la dentelle, avec cette finesse d’exécution qui offre discrètement une musicalité très haut de gamme. Le son et le phrasé distinctif de la flûte apporte une fraîcheur lumineuse comme un matin de printemps. Cet album respire d’un bien être serein et communicatif, un bijou rare dans le style. Encore bravo Momo. »